All three of these at in the AH for 8kt

Send us a message/ask if you are interested!


In honour of my birthday, I’m doing a giveaway!

I’ll be giving away an Ice Iridescent/Ice Shimmer/Platnium Underbelly Male Coatl!   He’ll also come with a gold steampunk scarf and a frostbite hummingbird!

To enter, simply reblog with your username and ID!  The winner will be drawn on April 4th; my birthday!  I’m not sure what time the drawing will be at, however, since I don’t have my work schedule for that week yet ^_^.

DimSumBao 14069

So I have this pretty Ice/Lavender/Lavender girl, any suggestions on what I should do with her? uwu

Everyone ordering imperials~ Another batch of commissions done!

Hi who wants super cute babies?

ID 14031 for terts and genders. All of them are 10k \o/

Lair Reviews!


Like all those fantastic people doing in character reviews, I’m opening up slots for 10 lair reviews as an exercise in pinning down my dragon’s personalities. If you want something to be noticed/ignored, please let Clan Raire know. If you want a particular dragon, do let Clan Raire know.

Reblog this post with your ID and clan name, and the first 10 get it 0v0

#14031 and we aren’t cool enough to have a name yet uwu

(you can review whatever you’d like but I would especially love input on my pair sartre/beauvoir in terms of genes <3)

Another batch of recent commissions!

Slots are about to open up again so if you’d like one our thread is here~




I’ve never had my lair reviewed but I’m reading some and they sound fun ; w ;

Anyone offering to do Lair Reviews right now? I’d like to get one!

DimSumBao 14069